COE Mission Statement:

The most important element in fostering meaningful learning is an effective professional educator. We define that person as a unique amalgam of at least five elements: strong dynamic understanding of content, significant pedagogical skills, and dispositions that foster growth and learning in others, broad skills in technology and an acknowledgement of the proposition that ALL Children, whatever their diverse background can learn.

Our mission is: To “Prepare Effective Professional Educators” while enhancing the proficiencies of our candidates in the areas of Knowledge, Pedagogy, Dispositions, Technology and Diversity . We expect our colleagues to be absolutely committed to individualized teaching and learning. We are “a school of opportunity,” we emphasize giving each individual student opportunities to move from where he or she is to where he or she needs and wants to be.

Our plan is to build a “seamless model” for recruiting, educating, retaining, and renewing Kentucky’s educators and create a site for developing the next generation of educator preparation programs founded upon collaboration among all education stakeholders. We expect all of our colleagues to be active scholars. This means staying current in professional fields via participation in state, regional and national professional organizations and being actively involved in the creation of new knowledge that strengthens teaching and enhances our professions.

Our operational philosophy is based on cooperation, trust, and interdependence among faculty, staff, administrators, P-12 and helping-profession partners, and students. We are building a vibrant learning community whose members respect, depend upon, and cooperate with one another. This system allows us to make decisions effectively and inclusively promote the mission.

COE Vision for the future: 

The vision for the College of Education (COE) is aligned with the Eastern Kentucky University‘s mission and strategic plan to enhance regional stewardship, improve student success, and implement our quality enhancement plan. In the area of regional stewardship, the COE is developing a Center of Educational Research in Appalachia to help schools and communities, in our region, get better together. The Center is employing Educational Extension Agents to improve collaborative efforts with the twenty-two counties in our service region on educational, medical, and economic development initiatives. To improve student success, we have looked at the data and begun discussions to imbed national core standards in our teacher education curriculum, raise admission requirements, and create a yearlong internship to improve student success. As part of our quality enhancement plan, we are creating student learning outcomes and assessments to help our graduates think and write critically and creatively.