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Whether you're considering attending EKU are or an enrolled student, we have academic advisors waiting to assist you with academic planning.  The Center for Advising, Recruitment and Educational Services office is located in the Bert Combs Building, Rm. 425.  This office is open Monday-Friday from 8 AM - 4:30 PM.  In addition to helping you find the major that's right for you, CARES staff can help you find your faculty advisor, solve registration issues, understand Degree Works, prepare for graduation, and much more.  Reach an academic advisor or specialist by phone at 859-622-1828.

Students majoring in elementary and middle grades education may also contact Dr. Karen Maloley (859-622-8159), Undergraduate Program Director for the School of Clinical Educator Preparation.  Dr. Maloley can assist you with undergraduate academic advisement when your primary advisor isn't available, you are a new transfer student, have not declared your major, or have other general questions. Click here for Advising Scheduling Forms.

Students interested in majoring in Communication Disorders, should contact Dr. Kellie Ellis (859-622-1860), Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing should contact Dr. Michelle Gremp (859-622-8013), Early Childhood Special Education (IECE) should contact Dr. Sonia Michael (859-622-2248), or Learning and Behavior Disorders should contact Dr. Dusty Embury (859-622-2406).

Students interested in majoring in American Sign Language & Interpreter Education (ITP odeaf studies) should contact Dr. Laurence Hayes (859-622-6540).


Graduating students and graduate students should contact the primary graduate advisor for their program of interest. 

Students seeking a Master of Arts in Education degree from one of the following departments:


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