Welcome From the Dean

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Welcome to EKU’s College of Education and Applied Human Sciences. EKU began as a “normal school,” training teachers for the region and state, and we are proud that our history as a college is inseparable from that of the university. Today, even with a broader range of disciplines and a greater reach, we continue to reflect the university’s mission as a school of opportunity in everything we do. You’ll see it in our classrooms, in the ways we meet all students where they are and then challenge them to grow and support them along the way, and in the ways we engage with our alumni and collaborators to make a difference in communities across the state, the nation, and the world.

The College provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, in an impressive range of disciplines that interpret, inform, and influence the world around us. Students are engaged in rich, meaningful instruction in class and provided multiple ways of expanding on and diversifying their knowledge through real-world clinical experiences and groundbreaking research opportunities.

Courses in every degree program are taught by highly qualified faculty members, who are recognized experts in their fields and dedicated to the process of teaching and learning. The faculty are committed to student success, helping students learn to think, read, communicate, collaborate to solve problems that matter to them, connect course content to the world beyond the classroom, and develop the skills and habits of lifelong learners. Student learning is never confined to the classroom, with opportunities to develop professionally, conduct research with faculty and peers, and find a professional network that will be a source of inspiration and support throughout their careers.

We invite our alumni to remain engaged and reach out any time! Mentoring opportunities through internships, externships, clinical placements, and professional employment for students foster the “Eternal Colonel” family spirit that we’re so proud of. Supporting our Foundation Scholarships is another way to “pay it forward” and help the next generation of Colonels succeed in school and beyond. We always welcome you to visit one or more of our innovative clinic and laboratory spaces where students acquire hands on experience and engage in dynamic research. Or let us show you around the historic Granny Richardson One-Room Schoolhouse or join you for lunch in our highly acclaimed Café Burrier!

So I invite you to check us out and learn more about all we have going on in the College of Education and Applied Human Sciences. Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni are Difference Makers, and we are always looking for those who want to make a difference too!

Dr. Gill Hunter
Interim Dean, College of Education and Applied Human Sciences

At Eastern Kentucky University, we strive to continuously learn and develop the most effective ways to prepare teachers, leaders, and other professionals for the variety of school and professional settings that exist today. Our strategic initiatives and strategies define the primary goals, outline our work for the next five years, and ensure we achieve our primary goals.

Vision & Values

The College of Education is a college dedicated to innovative student engagement and success, advancing Kentucky, and impacting the world. Our values permeate the mission and allow us to achieve our vision: ethical decision-making, which is characterized by integrity, intentional stewardship of resources, and social responsibility; intellectual vitality, which is characterized by quality instruction and research, critical and innovative thinking, and on-going assessment; equity, which is characterized by sensitivity, respect, fairness, accommodation, and impartiality for all; collaboration, which is characterized by respectful, reciprocal accountability and service to local and global communities; and reflective practice, which is characterized by goal setting, self-evaluation, and a deep understanding of critical concepts and principles within one’s discipline.


As a school of opportunity, EKU's education preparation programs prepare and empower learners to become dynamic partners in diverse communities.

Strategic Plan

To achieve our vision, EKU's Education prepartion programs focus on four strategic goals: Academic Excellence; Cultural Competency; Stewardship of Place; and Experiential Education. Additionally, the strategic plan identifies initiatives, performance indicators, outcomes, and measurements.

Strategic Plan