At Eastern Kentucky University, we strive to continuously learn and develop the most effective ways to prepare teachers, leaders, and other professionals for the variety of school and professional settings that exist today. Our strategic initiatives and strategies define the primary goals, outline our work for the next five years, and ensure we achieve our primary goals.

Vision & Values

The College of Education will be a premier college dedicated to innovative student engagement and success, advancing Kentucky, and impacting the world. The EPPs values permeate the mission and allow the EPP to achieve its vision: ethical decision-making, which is characterized by integrity, intentional stewardship of resources, and social responsibility; intellectual vitality, which is characterized by quality instruction and research, critical and innovative thinking, and on-going assessment; equity, which is characterized by sensitivity, respect, fairness, accommodation, and impartiality for all; collaboration, which is characterized by respectful, reciprocal accountability and service to local and global communities; and reflective practice, which is characterized by goal setting, self-evaluation, and a deep understanding of critical concepts and principles within one’s discipline.


As a school of opportunity, the EPP prepares and empowers learners to become dynamic partners in diverse communities.

Strategic Plan

To achieve our Vision for 2016-2020, the EPP will focus on four Strategic Goals: Academic Excellence; Cultural Competency; Stewardship of Place; and Experiential Education. Additionally, the strategic plan identifies initiatives, performance indicators outcomes and measurements.

Strategic Plan