Join the College of Education’s Dr. Cynthia Resor for Study Abroad in Scotland – Summer 2017.

Join the College of Education’s Dr. Cynthia Resor for Study Abroad in Scotland – Summer 2017.

The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA) 2017 Scottish program explores Scotland’s romantic past and dynamic present in both the city and the countryside. Participants will experience Scotland’s two great cities –Edinburgh and lively Glasgow – and gain a richer understanding of Scotland’s distinctive geography and culture in the beautiful Highlands.

Earn 3 hours of graduate or undergraduate credit!

·       HIS 300B: Topics in European History: Daily Life in Medieval and Victorian Scotland

·       HIS 861 Readings in European History:  Medieval and Victorian Scotland and the 19th Century Gothic Revival  

Course Description: Imagine living in medieval and Victorian Scotland!  We will compare daily life in pre-industrial medieval Scotland to life in the 19th century industrial era. We will go back in time to visit medieval sites in Edinburgh's "Old Town," such as St Giles Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle, as well as other medieval sites in the Scottish Highlands (more castles!) and evaluate the myths portrayed in modern movies like Brave and Braveheart. Then we will travel to 19th century Glasgow, the center of the Industrial Revolution in Scotland, and see the historical sites where Scottish Victorians lived, worked, and died. We will assess why the Victorians sought to revive the medieval era in literature and architecture.

·        Open to ALL majors; no prerequisites required

·        Can be used for general education requirements, history major or minor requirements,
teacher education

·        Focus on daily life - homes, eating, drinking, entertainment, death/cemeteries

·        Every day will be action packed - visiting many different historical sites - lots of castles.

·        Walking tours of historical neighborhoods

·        The Gothic Revival movement of all things medieval began in the
18th century and grew in the 19th century in Scotland and Britain.
Scottish author Sir Walter Scott re-interpreted the Middle Ages for Victorian
readers - we'll examine the myth and reality of the Middle Ages in the
19th century and today.

·        Are modern movies Braveheart and Brave set in Scotland myth or reality?

Contact: Dr. Cynthia Resor, Combs 111, 859 622-2165

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Published on September 06, 2016