Teach Grades 5-12 Math and/or Science

Teach Middle School Teach High School Minor in Teaching

Middle School Education (5th grade - 9th grade)

Select two areas of emphasis from:


Choose dual certification in one middle grades content area AND one of the following special education areas:
  • English and Communications
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Education in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (P-12)
  • Special Education Learning and Behavior Disorders (P-12)

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High School Education (8th grade - 12th grade)

To get certification to teach in grades 5-12 or 8-12 you will complete an academic major in the College of Science as you are also taking teacher preparation courses in the College of Education. You'll have two academic advisors - one in the College of Science, and one in the College of Education - to help you navigate your classes and guide you through the process. You can choose from these majors:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Career and Technical Education Teaching: Agriculture Education

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Minor in Teaching

Add a minor in any of these areas to your degree. You must couple the minor with a major in teaching in another area. A minor in teaching alone does not certify you to teach.

  • Biology Teaching
  • Earth Science Teaching
  • Chemistry Teaching
  • Math Teaching
  • Physics Teaching

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Rachael Hubbard, EKU College of Education graduate and currently a 6th grade math teacher, received her bachelor's in elementary education, but returned to EKU to get her master's degree in middle grades education, and is certified in math and English. She credits her almost 300 hours of clincial and student teaching experiences while at EKU with preparing her for her own classroom.