Advance Your Career

Teachers have multiple opportunities to advance their careers. Some may lead to pay raises in Kentucky schools, but all allow you to broaden your teaching and leadership skills.

Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Middle Grade Education - 100% online

Concentration area choices:

  • English as a Second Language Endorsement
  • Gifted Education Endorsement
  • Literacy Specialist
  • Certification Area Specialization

Master of Arts in Secondary Education

Concentration area choices:

  • Certification Area Specialization
  • Preparation to Teach Dual Credit
  • English as a Second Language Endorsement
  • Gifted Education Endorsement
  • Literacy Specialist

Master of Arts in Instructional Leadership

Degree options:

  • Master of Arts in Education in Instructional Leadership with Teacher Leader Endorsement.

  • Educational Specialist in Administration and Supervision leading to certifications as a Principal, Supervisor of Instruction, and Director of Pupil Personnel Services

  • Certificate for School Superintendent

Master of Science in Biology

Degree options:

  • MS in Biology (Thesis Option)
  • MS in Biology (Coursework Option)

Master of Science in Chemistry

Degree options:

  • MS in Chemistry (Thesis Option)
  • MS in Chemistry (Course Work Option)

Master of Arts in Applied Mathematics

Degree concentrations:

  • Secondary Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Rank 1 Program

Rank I programs are 30 hour graduate programs for certified teachers who already hold a master’s degree/Rank II certification. These non-degree programs lead to a pay raise in Kentucky public schools.

  • Options available to add certification in elementary, middle, or secondary certification
  • Options available to add endorsements to teaching certification in English as a Second Language (ESL), Gifted Education, Literacy (P-12), or Teacher Leader



  • ESL (Grades P-12) Endorsement: 12 hours, 100% Online
  • Gifted Education (Grades P-12) Endorsement : 12 hours, 100% online (take advantage of this special offering in Summer 2021 - earn the endorsement in JUST ONE SUMMER!  Details here)
  • Literacy Specialist (Grades P-12) Endorsement: 15 hours, 100% online
  • Teacher Leader Endorsement: 13 hours, 100% Online

National Board Certification

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is the teaching profession’s vehicle for defining and recognizing accomplished teaching. National Board Certification is the profession’s mark of accomplished teaching. Learn more about becoming National Board Certified here.

Eastern Kentucky University alumna and former high school math teacher Jennifer McDaniel shares her experiences and networks of support that opened the door to other areas during her educational career.