Support After Graduation

After graduation, EKU and professional organizations provide resources, networking, support and professional learning (development) for teachers.  As a teacher, your learning never stops!  

EKU Support Opportunities

Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform (PIMSER)
PIMSER offers several professional learning opportunities throughout the year for classroom teachers and leaders. All training is research-based and grounded in helping educators address what is necessary to see real change and improved student learning results in their classrooms. Training is delivered by expert teacher leaders - both retired and current classroom teachers - who are highly-skilled at delivering professional learning to practicing teachers. PIMSER's professional learning focuses on both content knowledge and pedagogy, incorporates developing growth mindset and classroom climates, student engagement, and the Kentucky Academic Standards - so you learn the what, why, and how to best deliver instruction to your students. PIMSER offers one-on-one mentoring, small group learning, and whole school/district training - all available in-district or virtual. Professional learning is also available in-person in our EKU Richmond campus training room; you can view current opportunties here.

Division of Natural Areas
One of the Division of Natural Areas' goals is to encourage inservice and preservice teachers to incorporate environmental education in their curriculum. To assist with this goal, the Center for Environmental Education (CEE) operates a resource library, with technology and other resources preservice and inservice teachers may borrow to use in their classroom. The CEE provides environmental educational training for preservice and inservice teachers on a local and regional level. Each year, the Center for Environmental Education (CEE) offers preservice and inservice teacher training and professional development workshops.

Kentucky Support Organizations

Kentucky Department of Education

Kentucky Education Association

Kentucky Center for Mathematics

Kentucky Science Teachers Association

Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics

KY Sent