Why be a Teacher?

1. Make a difference in the lives of children and your community. YOU can influence the next generation and change the future. EKU has programs for elementary, middle, high school, and special education teachers, speech pathologist assistants, and ASL interpreters at the undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) level.

2. Jobs for teachers exist in every city, county, state, and nation!  You can teach anywhere! The Kentucky certification you earn in a degree at EKU will transfer to any state.

3. Job security – the world will ALWAYS need teachers, ASL interpreters, principals, counselors, speech pathologists! And the demand for is growing. In Kentucky and across the nation, shortages are growing in almost every certification area for certified teachers.

4. Teachers are always learning while they teach.  And you earn pay increases with graduate education and professional development credits. EKU has graduate programs for teachers, principals, counselors, and speech pathologists.

5. Teaching is NEVER dull! Every day and every year is different.

6. Longer vacations!  School holidays are typically longer than holidays in other jobs. Summer vacation allows you to continue your education, spend time with family, take vacations, or do side-jobs.

Teacher Lives

EKU's College of Education has been preparing educators since 1906. Our programs are nationally accredited. That means groups of state and national experts have evaluated and approved our programs for quality. Our students learn current strategies and content in the college classroom and get extensive real-world experience in schools and other agencies.

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